The NEW way to investigate Railroad Accidents

Expert knowledge of railroad safety and operations combine with cutting edge technology to produce prompt and accurate analysis and simulation of almost any railroad accident or incident. RAIL REPLAY brings all the factors and data together - and presents them in an easy to understand, instantly replayable and legally admissible form. We back up the data, simulations and conclusions with world-recognized railroad, forensics, animation and photogrammetry experts. RAIL REPLAY merges data available from:

  • Locomotive Event Recorders
  • Locomotive Performance Recorders
  • Signal System Event Timers
  • Crossing Warning System Recorders
  • Railroad Engineering Data
  • Participant/Witness Interviews
  • Applicable Rules and Regulations
  • GPS Readings and Satellite Maps
  • Site Survey and Maps
  • Scene Inspection and Photos

...and presents them in three dimensions from any viewing perspective.

View from locomotive control cab as train approaches a grade crossing. Simulation includes horn, bell and other sounds as well as railway signs, crossing signals or gates, terrain, sight distances and other data. Locomotive operation overlay shows train speed, throttle, mode, brake positions and event timers. Other data can be shown as appropriate.
Track diagrams are often used to simulate train movements over the line of road. Aerial maps showing roads and terrain features can be combined in another view. Vehicle, as well as train movements can be shown in relation to each other. Scale maps and accurate positioning data provide irrefutable evidence of sight distances and crossing visibility.
Typical track diagram for Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) territory. The computer generated scale diagram displays the movement of trains using data provided by the CTC system, locomotive event and performance recorders, crossing signal event recorders and other sources as available. The track diagram can be combined with other data displays such as train speed, crossing start sequence and digital timer.
RAIL REPLAY is a registered trademark of Global Transportation Consultancy and Ebert & Associates. This intellectual property protected by copyright laws of the United States and other countries.