GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANCY is at your service and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your requirements without cost or obligation – and in the strictest confidence. If your needs are outside our area of expertise we’ll refer you to another organization that can assist you. Please direct inquiries to:

Forrest R. Van Schwartz, Managing Director

Global Transportation Consultancy
10 Connecticut Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53719 USA


Telephone: 608-274-7955
Rail Response line 608-628-4045
Fax: 608-274-7959


We build long-term relationships with our clients.
We conduct every project at the highest level of integrity, without predetermined conclusions and at the lowest possible cost.
We carefully protect client privacy and confidentiality.
We avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest.
We communicate regularly with clients as assignments progress.
We meet deadlines – without failure or excuses.
We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

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