We believe ALL accidents and injuries are preventable. However, when they occur everyone involved deserves prompt and accurate analysis of the incident – with one primary goal being prevention of recurrences.

GLOBAL specializes in accident investigations, combining our knowledge – and intuition - of the industry with the latest in scientific processes and measurable data to determine how – and why – an accident or injury occurred.

Investigations usually include analysis of:

  • Human factors & performance
  • Applicable rules & regulations
  • Locomotives & rolling stock
  • Engineering & environmental
  • Signal & control systems
  • Previous safety performance
  • Event & performance recorders
  • Formal root cause analysis
  • RAIL REPLAY accident recreation and simulation technology

We employ the latest techniques in forensics, photo-interpretation, digital mapping, computer visualization and animation to concisely explain and reconstruct accidents and the events leading to them. We provide clear and cost effective ways to improve safety performance through expanded employee training, methodology improvements and continuing operational and safety performance monitoring. Please see below for details of our RAIL-RESPONSE immediate accident investigation capabilities.